Sketching through Tuscany

Sketch your way through Tuscany

Sketching along the Via Francigena - As you gaze over one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, you are thinking to yourself, "I wish I could capture that view for ever!" Well, you can! Here we are with a sketchbook and pencils and time for you to capture your impressions of one of the most beautiful stretches of the whole Via Frangena, the medieval pllgrim route which runs from through Tuscany to Rome.

The best way to remember one's travels is to sketch the scene - any quick doodle will do but it will etch the place forever in your mind. I have sketched all over the world over the past 30 years and I always carry a sketch book. You can take hundreds of photos and still forget where you have been, but sit for half an hour and sketch it and it becomes part of you. I want to pass on the joy of sketching to others and show travellers unique hidden gems in Tuscan hill top town which will make them itch to illustrate. You dont haveto be artistic to draw, you just have to learn to observe. It doesnt matter how good your sketch is. it is the time creating it that is important. So dont worry if you think you 'cant draw' just try... you will be surprised what you can do with a bit of encouragement.

We will take you on a mystery tour to one the many ancient churches visited by pilgrims over 1000 years ago somewhere along the Via Francigena. We will discuss some basics on composition, technique and how to get started. We provide you with a sketchbook, pencils, pens and charcoal of your choosing. We give you a stool and help you choose your spot and you have a couple of hours to draw. We can chat about drawing in general and your sketch in particular. You go home with at least two sketches, but also a lasting image of a little bit ot Tuscany etched in your brain. We discuss how to convert your sketch into a brilliant masterpiece when you get home.