Cultural Tours

Explore the Hilltop Towns and Culture of Tuscany

Casa Quintino is based in the centre of Tuscany and offers easy access to a wealth of cultural experiences.

Cultural festivals near Casa Quintino

The cultural festivals in Tuscany within a one hour radious of Casa Quintino are too numerous to list. All summer each hill top town celbrates a 'Sagra' when a particular product or food is made the object of a festival when the whole town turns out, and shares the celebration.

Most towns also provide a summer festival, with a line up of performances in the main Piazza:

Volterra hosts a jazz festival and a drama festival in the Medieval Amphitheatre. w
San Gimignano often has full Opera performed in the main Piazza with well known artists from around the world.
Lucca has a well known Pop festival when huge stars such as Sir Elton John and Van Morrison regular peform.
In the tiny village of Lajatico, Andrea Bocelli performs at his annual concert on his own estate at a purpose built Teatro Del Silenzio - an spectacolo which attracted 12,000 people this year.

The highlight of the summer in Tuscany is of course the famous Palio, held in Siena twice a year, once in July and once in August. The whole town competes in a horse race between the neighbourhoods (contrade) in a two minute horse race around the Campo - the shell shaped piazza in the centre of this lovely town- an event you will never forget.

Outr local attraction is in last two weekends of August, when Volterra hosts a medival festival and the whole town reverts to 1398, the year the town survived the palgue. This is a fascinating insight into medival life and what people ate, their music and dance, the jousting and flag throwing and all the skills needs to survive. A wonderful education for a young family.


  • Day 1: San Gimignano
  • Day 2: Volterra
  • Day 3: Siena
  • Day 4: Florence
  • Day 5: Lajatico
  • Day 6: Monteriggioni
  • Day7: Pancole & Cellole
  • Day 8:Pisa

Andrea Bocelli Concert at the Theatre de Silencio

  • Where? Teatro del Silenzio
  • When? late July
  • Who? Andrea Boccelli
  • How?
  • How much? 90-300 Euro
  • How far? 15 minutes away

  • Where? Volterra
  • When? late August
  • Who? the whole town
  • How? at the door
  • Cost? under Euro 20
  • How far? 25 minutes

  • Where? Siena
  • When? late July and August
  • Who? the whole town
  • How much? free
  • How far? 1 hour